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LifeCare Uganda

Medical training centre

LifeCare Uganda

Our LifeCare project supports the Bukedea Lifeline Schools to establish a training center for nurses and midwives. The training center gives young adults in the region a career perspective and improves medical care in the region in the long term.

Why a medical training centre?

Improvement of medical care

The training center helps to train good specialists in the long term and improve medical care in the region.

Creation of professional options

Young people from the Bukedea region, especially women, are given an additional professional perspective.

Strengthening the local economy

The construction of the training centre strengthens the local economy and creates jobs.

Support the construction of the training centre for nurses and midwivesn



Euro invested


buildings built


laboratory equipment handover

Additional support is needed

Invested so far

Goal: 140,000 Euro

Partner and supporters

Our partner

Our local partner are the Bukedea Lifeline Schools. The schools have more than 15 years of experience in building training centres, in planning and carrying out construction work and in the financial planning of such projects. The construction is supervised by Julius Adome Ben and his wife Rebecca Akello. Rebecca is a trained nurse and will take over the management of the training centre.

Supporters of this project

The project was financially supported by a grant from the W.P. Schmitz Foundations of around 25,000 Euro as well as generous donations from Thomas Schmeißer and Henning Emden.

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