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Vocational Training


TAKE ACTION supports young Ugandans from poor backgrounds to attend vocational training. We help them decide on their own future. Trainees can choose from different certified courses that take 15 months to complete.

170 Euro are enough for a vocational training of 15 months

Why become a sponsor?

Promote skills development

Young people learn practical skills such as carpentry, tailoring and computer use.

Create jobs and entrepreneurship

Young people acquire the skills they need to find a decent job, open their own business or continue with their education.

Support young people

Many young people in rural Uganda are unemployed. A good education is a pathway to a better future, especially for young women.



Students supported


Young women supported



Our partner

Training CenterBuyopa-BVC

TAKE ACTION works closely together with the Bukedea Vocational Skills Training Centre. The training centre is run by the Bukedea Youth Professionals Association (BUYOPA), a local community organization founded in 2014. BUYOPA equips young people in the Bukedea district with practical skills to help them find a decent job or start their own business.

Our project partnerSolomon Obwokor

Solomon is a hard-working visionary who comes from a poor background. He has built a life for himself through diligence and optimism. His goal is to offer other young people who come from similar precarious backgrounds a perspective in life. His warmth, openness and humour allows him to reach and convince many, young and old.

Vocational Training

Trainees can choose from different courses. The training is divided into five terms and takes 15 months to complete. Graduates receive official certification (basic qualification - Level 1) after successful completion. The centre also offers advanced courses (Level 2) that last another 15 months.

Brick layer

Concrete Practice





Motor Mechanics


Features of a sponsorship


A sponsorship of a 15-month vocational training for one trainee costs 170 Euro.

Student Profiles

Receive a profile and get to know the student you are supporting.


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100% Voluntarism

Your entire donation is used to support vocational training.


We will send you a copy of the student’s certificate and photos.

Donation Receipt

Donations are tax-deductible.

Reusable sanitary pads

Giving Girls Confidence

TAKE ACTION also supports tailoring students in Uganda to make reusable sanitary pads and create awareness on how to use them. Many girls miss school during their period, because sanitary products are not affordable and sanitary facilities are rare at schools.

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Make a differenceGET INVOLVED

Sign up today to sponsor a vocational training or reach out to our project managers Charlotte Poth and Theresa Aengenheyster if you have any questions.