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About us

glocal lifelearn

We support education

We are a small NGO registered in Germany. The word ‘glocal’ is made up of ‘global’ and ‘local’. We are a global network that supports local initiatives. We support educational projects that enable people to pursue a better life. We work closely with local partners who are very familiar with the realities on the ground. We act as a platform for our members to realise their ideas.

We have a goal

Our story and purpose

Glocal LifeLearnOur Story

We founded Glocal LifeLearn in 2011 after two members saw a promising opportunity to support children from vulnerable families in Uganda to get a good education. This project is still ongoing and today supports over 60 students. In 2018 we began supporting a vocational training programme, and in 2019 we started to help our partners to build a medical training centre.

Be a part of a changeA Platform to Realise Ideas

Glocal LifeLearn acts as a platform for our members to realise their ideas. Each member has the possibility to find support to implement his or her own project ideas. Our members have a legal basis to operate from and benefit from our networks, know-how and experience.

Our NGO in Numbers






Donations in 2022


Students supported


Our members

We are a small, motivated group from different countries who want to make a difference. We have backgrounds in different fields, including politics, geography, economics, and peace and conflict studies. Working together for a good purpose gives us joy and strengthens our friendship.

Our values


We build the skill sets and self-confidence of vulnerable people through knowledge transfer and education.


We support local initiatives. We know our local partners personally and have a trusting and equal partnership with them.


Education takes time. We are committed to providing long-term support until things get better and the change can be sustained.

Cultural awareness

We build bridges between people of different cultures. We promote understanding for people and their situation.


We make it easy for others to see what our projects are doing. We value openness, communication and accountability.

100% voluntarism

None of our members receives a salary. Over 98% of donations go directly to our projects.


Constitution and reports

Glocal Lifelearn has been officially registered as a non-profit association at the local court in Cologne under the registration number VR16795 since 4 May 2011.

Constitution: GERMAN (2016) / ENGLISH (2011)

Make a differenceGET INVOLVED

If you are interested in joining our NGO, reach out to our chairman Iain James Fraser.